Ethiopia: ICRC distributes medical, non-medical items to COVID-19 treatment centers

The ICRC supplied medical and non-medical items to 14 COVID-19 treatment centers established in various parts of the country in response to the health care crisis induced by COVID-19 pandemic.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs), consisting of 28,000 gloves, 61,500 surgical and respiratory masks, 4,200 gowns and surgical caps and 300 aprons, were among the items supplied to the treatment centers in August 2020.

Other medical items distributed were; 100 hospital beds, 85 stretchers, examination couches, trolleys, wheelchairs and step ladders. The ICRC also supplied a substantial quantity of non-medical items like mattresses, pillows, blankets, bedsheets, medical waste bins, disposable cups and plates to the centers.

Medical, non-medical items supplied to COVID-19 treatment center, Kelem Wollega, Oromia region, 2020. Mulugeta Jaleta/ICRC

"The objective of the donation is to enhance and strengthen the capacity of healthcare professionals in the stated number of health facilities to provide standard healthcare services to COVID-19 patients and non-COVID patients," pointed out Apollo Kinyokie Barasa, Health Unit Coordinator with the ICRC.

The treatment centers set up in Oromia, Amhara, Southern Ethiopia, Somali, Benishangul and Dire Dawa regions benefitted from the donation.

The ICRC, in partnership with ERCS, had provided 2,500 mattresses, 2,500 bedsheets, and 20,000 bars of soaps and disinfectants to 17 COVID-19 treatment centers set up in different parts of the country in April 2020, soon after the outbreak of coronavirus in the country.