Focusing on most urgent needs of Yemenis as conflict enters its second year

15 August 2016
 Focusing on most urgent needs of Yemenis as conflict enters its second year

Yemen's dreadful conflict has entered its second year with huge and urgent humanitarian needs. Ordinary people have paid the price for the violence which has left millions of Yemenis in urgent need of safe shelter, food and water.

Nevertheless and in spite of various constraints and challenges including recurrent security incidents, the ICRC has maintained its presence and operations in Yemen always striving to respond to the mounting humanitarian needs in a strictly impartial and neutral manner.

Highlights of our work in Yemen, January - June 2016

111,000 people received food rations.
84,000 people received blankets, hygiene items, sleeping mats and other essential household items.
2.3 million people were provided with clean water, hygiene and sanitation facilities.
17,500 farming families benefited from livestock vaccination and treatment of 415,000 animals.
52 hospitals, 16 health facilities and 19 primary health centres were supported through donations of medical and surgical supplies.
35,000 people with disabilities benefited from physical rehabilitation services provided at four physical rehabilitation centres supported by the ICRC.
9,000 detainees were visited and mattresses, blankets, hygiene and recreational items were provided to places of detention.


For more information, read the full update on our work in Yemen.


Yemen: Facts and figures – January-June 2016