Sharing Best Practices on the Management of the Dead

Greece: Sharing Best Practices on the Management of the Dead

Article 22 February 2022 Greece

In an effort to address the humanitarian challenge of recovering and identifying dead migrants, the ICRC organized, on 26 and 27 November 2021, a hybrid (with in-person and virtual participation) workshop titled: "Management of the Dead: Best Practices".

The forensic workshop was attended by 100 officials (from the Hellenic Coast Guard, Police and Fire Brigade) from across the country. It aimed to strengthen dialogue and promote best practices on the full cycle of recovery, recording, management, identification, and traceability of the dead to provide answers to the families.

Speakers from the Hellenic Police (from the Greek Disaster Victim Identification team, the Forensic Science Division and the Missing Persons Bureau), and forensic authorities involved in the management of the dead all underlined the challenges and shortcomings of the current practices and procedures, and proposed recommendations for best practices to improve existing mechanisms.