Haiti: ICRC activities in 2023

Haiti: ICRC activities in 2023

In the Republic of Haiti, in particular in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince, the ICRC used its expertise to respond to the protection needs of people affected by armed violence.
Article 27 March 2024 Haiti

The ICRC worked in partnership with the Haitian National Red Cross Society and in close cooperation with the other National Red Cross Societies present in the country, in particular those of Canada, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It also coordinated with other humanitarian players so as to build a collective humanitarian response.

The ICRC worked to improve access to emergency health care by providing first-aid training to communities, supporting health facilities treating injured people (including improving their access to safe water), responding to emergencies and strengthening the operational capacities of the Haitian National Red Cross Society.

By engaging in bilateral and confidential dialogue with key players, including armed groups, the ICRC raised awareness of the need to protect the population from the effects of armed violence and sought to ensure safe access to essential services, such as emergency health care and drinking water. The ICRC thus called on all those involved in the violence to uphold humanitarian principles in order to reduce and mitigate the risks faced by the population.

ICRC Activities in Haiti: January - December 2023

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