Haiti: water for Cité Soleil

  • Cité Soleil, a large working-class area of Port-au-Prince, is just starting to recover from years of violence, during which it was too dangerous to provide even the most basic of services.
    © ICRC / G. Guidotti
  • There was no mains water, and no sewerage. This piece of waste ground was flooded with stagnant rainwater, as the drainage system had stopped working.
    © ICRC / D. Révol / ht-d-00035
  • Lack of maintenance, due largely to the dangers of working in the area, meant that the water supply system was in a very dilapidated state. The residents of Cité Soleil took major risks and had to travel a long way to collect water.
    © ICRC
  • In 2005, the ICRC started working on restoring a regular supply of water to the residents of Cité Soleil.
    © ICRC
  • 2007. Residents of Cité Soleil collect water at one of the distribution points repaired by the ICRC.
    © ICRC
  • The January 2010 earthquake damaged the water supply system of Cité Soleil. The ICRC repaired several distribution points.
    © ICRC / M. Kokic
  • 2011. Work continues on setting up and equipping one of Cité Soleil’s four pumping stations. These four pumping stations are supplying not only Cité Soleil but other parts of Port-au-Prince as well.
    © ICRC
  • Today, 37 of Cité Soleil’s 53 distribution points are working again. The people of this area can obtain approximately 15 litres of drinking water per person per day, at a very reasonable price. The authorities have now resumed responsibility for operating the water system.
    © ICRC / J. Charles / ht-e-00665