Health Care in Danger: Voices of the Community of Concern

24 November 2015

A community has gathered around a common goal – to protect health care. This community is made up of doctors, nurses, patients, humanitarian workers, government officials, weapon bearers, and people like you.

Each can make a huge difference:

  • States can make sure everyone from citizens to soldiers knows patients, health-care personnel, facilities and transport must be respected and protected, and abides by the laws that protect health care services
  • Weapon bearers can learn about how to protect medical staff and hospitals during military operations, and act accordingly while on mission
  • Doctors, nurses and other health-care personnel can uphold and advocate for the respect of health-care ethics and ensure medical neutrality remains the prevailing principle when treating patients
  • Humanitarian organizations can share good practice amongst them and advocate for the respect of humanity
  • Medical students, the future generation of doctors and nurses, can make sure they know their rights and responsibilities when confronted to armed conflict or other emergencies
  • You can advocate for and learn more about the protection of health care

These are only a few examples. A lot is already being done to protect patients and health-care providers. Although the approach to the protection of health care varies among different professionals and countries, we must share our experiences to make the community of concern grow, and ensure change for the better. That is why we have asked the members of our community to share their experience with us and voice their commitment to the protection of health care.



Now it's your turn. Act and share your solutions with others!

Health Care in Danger

Health Care in Danger is an initiative of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to make access to health care and its delivery safer in armed conflict or other emergencies. The initiative calls for the respect of patients, health-care workers, facilities and transport, while promoting the implementation of a series of recommendations and practical measures for the protection of health care.

This initiative is also supported by a number of partners, individuals, organizations, and members of the Health Care in Danger Community of Concern.