ICRC in Azerbaijan in 2018

In 2018, the ICRC continued its activities in Azerbaijan delivering humanitarian assistance to affected population in relation to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Thousands benefited from humanitarian protection activities, restored or improved access to water and economic security projects among other things.

Various agro and livestock inputs like seeds and fertilizers were distributed to 2,257 households in nine frontline communities to improve their livelihood.

To increase individuals' resilience to weapon contamination, 532 mine risk awareness and safer behavior posters were distributed in 14 FL communities. 2,023 individuals benefited from briefings or participation at forum theatres organized in 24 communities.

To help relevant authorities in clarifying fates and whereabouts of missing people, the ICRC collected 2,170 biological reference samples from family members of missing. 1,370 individuals received psychosocial support through commemoration events and home visits.

The activities aimed at restoring or improving water access reached 2,941 individuals while 1,600 people benefited from upgraded irrigation water supply.

We organized briefings and events where 1,113 servicemen and cadets of Azerbaijan army increased their knowledge on the international humanitarian law.

Highlight of our work in Azerbaijan in 2018:

  • 3,000 individuals benefited from the ICRC's neutral intermediary role facilitating civilians' safer access to exposed fields to plant, harvest, and repair vital infrastructures
  • 2,950 individuals restored or improved their access to water with the ICRC support in upgrading the water supply infrastructure
  • 2,250 households in nine communities received agro or livestock inputs (seeds and fertilizers) to improve their livelihoods
  • 2,170 biological reference samples related to 775 missing persons were collected from their relatives to facilitate future identification of exhumed remains
  • 1,100 servicemen and cadets of AZ army participated in briefings and events related to the ICRC and IHL


Azerbaijan - ICRC activities - 2018

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