ICRC Director positions open for application

ICRC Director positions open for application

Article 15 September 2021

The ICRC is a neutral, impartial and independent organization, whose humanitarian mission is to protect and assist people affected by armed conflict, and to promote respect for international humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles.

Ahead of the end of the four-year term of the ICRC's current Directorate on 30 June 2022, I am pleased to announce that six new Director positions are now open for application. These are as follows:

These new positions reflect structural changes to the ICRC's organisational set-up, approved by the ICRC Assembly Council in August 2021 and due to take effect in July 2022. 

Structural changes are just one part of ongoing efforts to help us meet the ambitions of our Institutional Strategy 2019-2022 (recently extended until 2024) and beyond; to help us manage current challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic but also to be fit for the future. 

Our overriding goal remains the same as ever: to protect and assist people affected by armed conflicts and other situations of violence, providing them with a robust, effective and sustainable safety net against a range of multi-layered humanitarian needs, and upholding their dignity in the worst of circumstances. 

But achieving that requires pragmatism as well as principles. It requires us to be much more outcomes-based in our approach. And it requires us to achieve optimal efficiency, leverage partnerships and nurture all our human capital, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive workforce at all levels of the institution.

The new set-up of the Directorate, from July 2022 onwards, will help us to this end through stronger collaboration, clearer accountability and clearer complementarity of roles and activities –within the Directorate itself, and at every level of the institution.

Finding talented Directors – solid, inspiring individuals who will work as a strong and cohesive team – is key. We are looking for visionary and innovative leaders who embody our ICRC values; role models for collaboration who have what it takes to carry the institution into the future and ensure better humanitarian outcomes for affected people.

Instructions on how to apply are in the individual job postings above. The application deadline for all positions is 31 October 2021. I look forward to an engaging recruitment process with a diverse pool of applicants.

Robert Mardini
ICRC Director-General