ICRC employee killed in Cameroon

It is with great sadness that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) confirms that one of its staff died on August 23 following injuries sustained the day before during an attack in Bamenda in the north-west of Cameroon.

Diomède Nzobambona, a 62-year-old Canadian, was a delegate working in the fields of water and sanitation. He had worked for the ICRC since 2003, and who had been under contract with the Canadian Red Cross between 2007 and 2012.

Diomède was in Bamenda to provide humanitarian assistance to communities affected by armed violence in the region.

The circumstances of his death have yet to be clarified and no information can be given at this stage. The ICRC's priority is to support those who are most affected by this tragedy, in particular his family, relatives and colleagues.

"Words are not enough to express our immense sadness nor to soothe the grief of his family and loved ones. We send them our sincere condolences and the expression of our deepest sympathy," said Markus Brudermann, the head of the delegation for the ICRC in Cameroon.

Present in Cameroon since 1992, the ICRC is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organization that provides protection and assistance to victims of the armed conflict in the Far North of the country and to communities affected by armed violence in the North-West and South regions.