ICRC in China

06 June 2022
ICRC in China
In September 2019, one visitor of the 7th Charity Fair held in Shenzhen, China, tried out VR glasses at ICRC booth. ©ICRC

The world we live in is confronted with unprecedented challenges and polarization. Not a day goes by without concerning news about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the growing effects of climate change or the human cost of armed conflicts.

These challenges call for dedicated, collective and cooperative responses. Indifference and inaction in the face of injustice, inequality and violence are strategies we cannot afford.

The regional delegation in Beijing works actively with our partners and friends in China and other countries in East Asia, in a spirit of solidarity and common humanity, to promote respect for humanitarian principles and international humanitarian law and to strengthen the response to needs in the most difficult conflicts and crises of our time. As we are working to further our collaboration, I look forward to more close exchanges and engagement.

Pierre Krähenbühl
Personal Envoy of the President
Head of Regional Delegation for East Asia



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ICRC in China