Syria: Millions of people across the country received aid in 2015

The ICRC is working closely with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) to provide food, water, health care and other forms of relief assistance to Syrian people affected by the fighting in the country. The ICRC also visits people held in detention and helps them to stay in contact with their families.

Below is an overview of the ICRC's work in Syria during 2015.

8.3 million people across the country received food
16 million people were provided access to clean drinking water
170,000 patients received treatment in 7 clinics and 9 mobile health units run by the SARC
130,000  people living in displaced shelters received daily meals
1,6 million people received hygiene kits, towels, mattresses, blankets and other household essentials
410,000 people received winter clothing
15,300 detainees received visits in 9 prisons in accordance with the ICRC's standard working procedures.

For more information, read the full update on our work in Syria, and latest Syria news.

Our work in Syria. Facts and figures 2015

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