Lebanon: New diploma offers specialized training for weapon-wounded

The ICRC and the Lebanese University have launched a new "diplôme universitaire" on the clinical management of weapon-wounded patients.

The new Module is integrated in the curriculum of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Lebanese University during autumn 2015. It will provide specific knowledge and skills in the clinical management of patients wounded by firearms and explosive weapons.

The course will be run by Medical Specialists of the Lebanese University and an international team of ICRC experts.

All graduates will receive a diploma accredited by the Lebanese University.

The Module is open to:

  • Post-graduates / Surgeon-Residents of the 4th and 5th year specializing in surgery at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Lebanese University
  • Post-graduates / Surgeon-Residents at the same level and specializations from other Lebanese universities
  • Lebanese specialists in surgery
  • Specialists in surgery from other countries (particularly from the Middle East)

To subscribe to the module or for further information, please contact the Lebanese University on: +961 5 463 584/ 5 between 08:00 hrs and 13:00 hrs from Monday-Friday.

Overview: Clinical management of weapon-wounded patients

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