Libya: ICRC Activities in 2022

Libya: ICRC Activities in 2022

The humanitarian situation in Libya saw progressive improvement, with people requiring humanitarian aid decreasing, the number of IDPs decreasing, and an increase in returnees to their places of origin.
Article 15 May 2023 Libya

Nonetheless, while the 2020 ceasefire agreement between former belligerents continued to hold, it was pockmarked by a number of sporadic clashes mainly in Tripoli, the most severe one being in August of 2022.

Still, the consequences of years of armed conflict continued to linger; access to basic services such as healthcare, water, and electricity remain scarce, the presence of unexploded ordinances in many urban areas poses risks to life and limb, and the unknown fate of many missing still bears
heavily on families. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in partnership with the Libya Red Crescent Society (LRCS), continued implementing joint activities to deliver needed assistance and protection responses to conflict-affected communities.


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people in 35 towns and cities benefitted from an improved access and availability of clean water and better sanitation, through numerous ICRC interventions of supplying essential materials and technical advice.
consultations, including 118,000 hospital admissions, and 70,000 vaccinations were carried out in ICRC supported health facilities
people including those internally displaced, returnees and vulnerable families and female-headed households, received various forms of assistance including food parcels and multi-purpose cash grants/
persons with disabilities received various services in 3 physical rehabilitation centers in Tripoli and Misrata