Moveability Liquidation

04 January 2021

The recent development of the ICRC 2030 disability vision has highlighted the need for the ICRC to strengthen its service delivery, incorporate elements of accessibility into ICRC programming, include persons with disability into the ICRC's workforce, and develop a stronger influencing and policy role in relation to various countries where we work.

In order to do that, the ICRC MoveAbility was fully integrated into the ICRC as of January 2020. This integration represents an opportunity for the ICRC to develop a comprehensive and more effective approach to delivering services that positively impact the lives of people with disabilities. The goal is to combine the expertise and strengths of both the ICRC and MoveAbility teams to deliver improved and increased physical rehabilitation services and to advance ICRC's commitments in the field of disability and inclusion.

In 1983 the Special Fund for the Disabled (SFD) was created to respond to a very specific need and to complement the work done by the ICRC. Its mission was to ensure the continuity of former ICRC physical rehabilitation programmes.

In 2001, the SFD became independent, allowing it to operate in other contexts and be more flexible in its approach to helping people with disabilities. A Board, composed of experts on disability issues and representatives from the Movement of Red Cross/Crescent Society, was created with the aim of encouraging a strategic shift from humanitarian assistance to development. It started to fund its activities independently through a yearly appeal and to expand its activities and programmes.

With the evolution and changing interests in the field of disability, in January 2017, the ICRC Special Fund for the Disabled became the ICRC MoveAbility Foundation. MoveAbility was an agile organisation able to adapt to new conditions and develop new methodologies.

In 2019, to sustain the impact on people with disabilities, the Board, in conjunction with the ICRC, decided to integrate the Foundation's activities within the ICRC's Physical Rehabilitation Programme (PRP).

You can download below the ICRC Moveability Annual Reports:

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