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Mozambique: ICRC operational response in 2023

Maputo (ICRC) - We help people affected by the armed conflict in northern Mozambique, where more than 670,000 people were internally displaced as of the end of the year and humanitarian needs remain high.
Article 19 March 2024 Mozambique

While approximately 570,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) have now returned to their homes, mainly in Mocímboa da Praia, they have found abandoned villages lacking basic services, such as clean drinking water, access to healthcare and livelihoods. Also, families that had been separated by the violence have returned, hoping they can reunite with their loved ones.

The ICRC, working together with the Mozambican Red Cross (CVM), maintained support to internally displaced people (IDPs), and vulnerable host communities with their urgent humanitarian needs, while assisting those returning, helping to build resilience. Emphasis was on livelihoods, essential services, and systemic support. To be closer to the affected communities, we opened an office in Mueda.

What have we done in 2023?

Emergency Assistance and Sustainable solutions
25,000 people received seeds and tools comprising of 12 kg of maize, 10 kg of cowpeas, 3 kg of sesame seeds and 2 hoes each to restart food production.
22,805 people received multipurpose cash assistance for urgent and basic needs.

people received essential household items to restart their lives.

Improving access to Water and Sanitation
8 water committees comprising 113 people, including local leaders, were trained to manage the water supply infrastructure built for sustainability.

people had improved access to clean safe drinking water in Montepuez and Mocímboa da Praia.

Improving Access to Healthcare
• 4 hospitals:
Mueda, Montepuez, Pemba and Ibo were supported with regular donations of medicines, medical supplies and equipment, infrastructure support, blood donation campaigns, and fuel.
948,500 consultations were conducted at ICRC-supported health centres.
4,841 surgeries were conducted at ICRC-supported health centres, of which 2,553 were to assist pregnant women and 47 to assist weapon-wounded patients.

health centres and 1 mobile health unit in 4 districts of Cabo Delgado received medical drugs and consumables, as well as technical support.

Reuniting Separated Family Members
340 Red Cross Messages were exchanged between detainees and their families during ICRC visits to places of detention.
2 minors and 3 vulnerable adults were reunited with their families.
11 CVM volunteers were trained in Protection of Family Links to assist returnee families looking for family members after being separated. 8 volunteers were also trained on active search and follow up of separated families.

Ensuring the Protection of Civilians
• 1 new office in Mueda was opened for proximity to affected communities.

A man with ICRC team looking for his son/
A man with ICRC team looking for his son/ Fidelto Bata

Improving Conditions for People Deprived of Freedom
32 visits to 7 places of detention were carried out to support authorities to improve detention conditions.
1 kitchen in Pemba Women's Prison was renovated and a new stove fitted.
6 high quality steel pots donated to support the Mozambican National Prison Service (SERNAP) kitchens.

Engagement with Armed and Security Forces
896 members of the Mozambican Defence Forces (FADM) attended sessions on IHL, in addition to 705 members of the Local Forces, and 43 members of the Southern African Development Community Military Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM).
• 104 members of the Mozambican security forces under the Ministry of the Interior attended 3 sessions on International Human Rights Law.

Promoting Respect for International Humanitarian Law (IHL)
318 magistrates were trained in IHL at the Centre of Legal and Judicial Training (CFJJ)
6 Mozambican universities were supported in IHL training and they participated in the 2nd International Humanitarian Law essay competition
5 sessions were held on introduction to IHL and Islam in Cabo Delgado and Nampula provinces.

Supporting the Mozambican Red Cross' Capacity to Operate
35 CVM volunteers attended a Safer Access simulation exercise jointly organized between ICRC and the German Red Cross Society.
4 Land Cruisers, 1 Toyota Fortuner and 2 cargo motorcycles were donated for use by CVM volunteers.


For more details, see the full document below (in English).

Further information:
Sophie Ncube, CICV, Maputo, sncube@icrc.org, Tel: +258 873 433 900.