Lebanon: ICRC trains doctors in treatment of weapon wounds

09 September 2016

The ICRC has partnered with the Lebanese University (LU) for a second year to offer a university diploma in the clinical management of weapon wounded patients.

This course, which will run from 31 October 31 to 12 November, is open to all specialists as well as fourth and fifth year residents in orthopaedic and general surgery from Lebanon and other countries.

Medical specialists from the LU and an international team of experts from the ICRC will lead the course and provide students with knowledge and skills on the treatment of patients wounded by weapons.

The course has been integrated into the curriculum of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the LU. All graduates will receive a diploma accredited by the university.

For registration or further information on the course, please contact Micheline Sarkis between 08:00 hrs and 13:00 hrs Monday to Friday

on: +961 03 138 185 or at: msarkis@icrc.org

Overview: Clinical management of weapon-wounded patients

Overview: Clinical management of weapon-wounded patients