Lebanon: Mahmoud's family finally has a place to call home

30 May 2016

Beddawe refugee camp, the second largest in north Lebanon, was home for mainly Palestinian refugees. Since the start of the Syrian crisis and the recent economic recession, the camp has become home for Syrian refugees as well as Palestinian refugee families coming from Syria.

The ICRC, together with a local NGO, launched a “cash for work” programme in Beddawe, to support and provide income to vulnerable refugee families in the camp. This programme is aimed at improving the living environment of the camp by rehabilitating communal infrastructure and renovating apartments where refugee families are living.

The Ahmad family is the first of many Palestinian refugee families from Syria to move into the newly-rehabilitated apartments in Beddawe. The humidity in the previous residence they were in posed a health hazard to Mahmoud Ahmad’s children. With the new apartment and the cash he’s saving, Mahmoud hopes he can improve his children’s future.