Niger: Red Cross activities in April and May 2015

Ever since the beginning of the conflict in north-east Nigeria, the border region of Diffa has been hosting tens of thousands of displaced people, who are living under very difficult conditions. The situation is putting a strain on the host communities, who were already facing economic difficulties and the floods and droughts that regularly affect this region.

In April and May 2015, the ICRC, the Nigerian Red Cross, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Luxembourg Red Cross:

  • treated people injured in the fighting;
  • supported health services;
  • distributed food;
  • supported livestock owners;
  • supplied temporary shelters;
  • visited detainees;
  • helped people restore contact with their families;
  • promoted humanitarian law and values. 

For more details in French, see our "Faits et chiffres - Diffa"

Faits et chiffres, février-mai 2015

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