Nigeria: Responding to the humanitarian needs of people affected by armed conflict in 2018

Working in partnership with the Nigerian Red Cross Society, the ICRC continues to ensure that those affected by armed conflict and violence in Nigeria are given the assistance, livelihood sustaining materials, knowledge and skills to ease their suffering and improve the quality of their lives over time.

In 2018, the ICRC continued to respond to the humanitarian needs. We carried out cash assistance exercises, distribution of food and household items, provided vocational training and capital assistance programs aimed at improving the resilience of communities, and supported urban water projects.

Highlights of our work in Nigeria in 2018

1,160,000 people received food assistance and essential household items
54,800 IDPs and returnees received support for housing
Improved access to clean water for 460,000 people in conflict-affected areas
547,200 consultations were made across 20 ICRC-supported primary health care centres
Visited 24,000 detainees to assess their conditions of containment
Treated 10,200 children under five years of age for severe acute malnutrition
450 persons whose relatives had lost contact with, were found or their whereabouts clarified

For more information, read the full update of our work in Nigeria.


2018 Facts & Figures for Nigeria

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