Responding to the needs of vulnerable people in North East Nigeria

Yola sub-delegation facts & figures 2018

The International Committee of the Red Cross established a sub-delegation in Yola in 2015 to respond to the consequences of the armed conflict in the North East. Since then, the sub-delegation and its offices in Mubi and Biu, continue to cater to the needs of thousands of vulnerable people in Adamawa, Gombe and South Borno.

Highlights of our work in Adamawa, Gombe and South Borno in 2018.

29,950 returnees and displaced persons received cash for agro-input
185,500 patients, including 65,300 children attended 5 ICRC-supported clinics
5,800 returnees received cash to boost their livelihoods in projects related to irrigation farming
250 community members were trained in emergency response and preparation
27,800 people got access to clean water from the rehabilitation of 3 solar-powered boreholes and 50 hand pumps


For more information, read the full update of our work in North-East Nigeria.

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