Nobuo Hayashi: The nuances of international law

06 August 2015

What are the responsibilities of a third party in an event of a genocide? Who is a bystander and how can he or she protect genocide victims? A public lecture by Nobuo Hayashi, Senior Legal Adviser at the International Law and Policy Institute of Oslo, Norway opened up a vigorous discussion around this topic among Armenian academics and young legal practitioners in Yerevan recently.

Nobuo Hayashi, a recognized IHL expert from Norway, has been in Yerevan at the invitation of the ICRC, to take part in our IHL summer course for young lawyers. Prior to a public lecture at the American University of Armenia, he gave an interview to Civilnet, a local online TV station with a large audience both locally and among Armenians abroad.

Nobuo Hayashi specializes in the law of armed conflict, particularly the fundamental principles, conduct of hostilities and protection of victims; international criminal law, especially war crimes and modes of liability including command/superior responsibility; and public international law, in particular recourse to force and state responsibility.

He has more than twelve years of experience in advanced research and in advising international prosecutors, authoring court submissions, teaching at universities and publishing scholarly articles.

Mr Hayashi is also a visiting professor at the International University of Japan and at the University of Turin Law Faculty/UN Interregional Criminal Justice Research Institute.