Philippines: Making a living, one year after Typhoon Haiyan

04 November 2014

Floro used to go out fishing at night under the moon and sell his catch at market next day. A year ago, Typhoon Haiyan destroyed his boat. Suddenly, he was struggling to feed the family. So is the wind back in his sails?

 The ICRC met Floro six months ago when he and his family were still forced to rely on hand-outs (see Floro's story). At that point, he was one of many fishermen receiving cash grants to help them buy a boat and equipment.

 A year on, Floro and his family are self-reliant.

 To help people like Floro, the ICRC has:

  • provided grants to over 6,500 fishermen so they could buy fishing boats and equipment;
  • provided grants to nearly 3,500 families so they can resume the small agriculture and livestock businesses they had before the typhoon, or start another activity that will provide an income.

Typhoon Haiyan survivors back in business
One year after Super Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the Philippines, hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihoods were devastated are returning to work with the support of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.