Photo gallery: Living with diabetes in Yemen

  • Ayman Al-Amari
    Ayman Al-Amari
    Ayman, a secondary school student, is insulin dependent. Restrictions imposed on entry of medication into and across the country means that Ayman can’t get his regular doses of insulin. “My family and I spend entire days at time, looking for insulin,” he says.
  • Russia Hassan Ahmed
    Russia Hassan Ahmed
    “I have been suffering from diabetes for five years now. It has turned my life upside down”, Russia says. “Doctors are doing their best to avoid me losing my right leg after having already lost a finger due to irregular intake of insulin”, she says.
  • Abdullah Qasim Naji
    Abdullah Qasim Naji
    “Diabetes has taken my arm and leg. I am often in pain and worry about losing additional limbs if I don’t get regular medication”, says Naji.
  • Taher Ali Abdu Hizam
    Taher Ali Abdu Hizam
    “I have long suffered from diabetes”, says Mr. Taher. “My situation has however worsened during the current conflict due to the shortage of insulin in the country”, he adds.
  • Yahay Ali Yahya
    Yahay Ali Yahya
    Yahay, who has lost his vision as a result of diabetes is forced to travel for hundred kilometers from Dhamar province to Sana’a to receive insulin. “As I am suffering from diabetic foot I come here to get treated. There is a severe shortage of insulin where I live. Last week a patient passed away due to lack of the medications,” Yahay said.
28 August 2016

The vast majority of Yemen's 900,000 diabetics rely on daily doses of insulin but the Yemeni conflict and restrictions on the entry of medication have disrupted treatment for many.

With an insulin shortage hitting the country, diabetes patients in Yemen have been living in uncertainty.