Port Moresby: "Training of trainers" workshop for police on human rights law

20 March 2019
Port Moresby: "Training of trainers" workshop for police on human rights law
ICRC Regional Armed and Security Forces Delegate, Sylvain Gainon, addressing workshop participants. CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC / Eunar Karatu

Port Moresby (ICRC) – A "training of trainers" workshop on international human rights law organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for members of the PNG police started today at the city Boutique Hotel in Port Moresby. 

Running from 19 - 29 of March, this workshop was developed in collaboration with the Training Commandant of the Royal PNG Constabulary and the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

Sessions have been designed keeping in mind the best practices in police duty, drawing from various international and internal publications. The "training of trainers" module combines presentations by researchers and discussion by the participants. At the conclusion of the module, an evaluation is carried out.

"It is important that all Provincial Police Trainers are aware of international policing standards and are able to orient their colleagues accordingly," said Helen Amnol, the ICRC political adviser in Port Moresby. During the last five workshops (Buka, Manus, Hela, SHP and Enga) in 2018, the police and military participants (deployed on Law Enforcement Operations (LEO) duty) strongly recommended organizing similar sessions throughout the country.

"The training of trainers workshop was developed for police instructors but we also invite members of the military to participate as they are frequently deployed on law enforcement duties. The idea is that the participants continue to refresh and strengthen their understanding of human rights law, and train their officers and soldiers in the long run," Amnol said.

This is the first time that a training workshop by the ICRC will run over a two week period. The earlier sessions and seminars have always been shorter, typically over a couple of days. "We hope the workshop plays a significant role in ensuring that international standards of policing are maintained and that the trainers can further strengthen their teams," Amnol said.

For further information, please contact:
Helen Amnol, tel: +675 71927175, email: hamnol@icrc.org
Eunar Noreen Karatu, tel: +675 70540081, email: ekaratu@icrc.org
Albert Madrazo, tel: +675 70880624, email: amadrazo@icrc.org