Sri Lanka: Waiting for answers

Between July and September 2017, we started conducting lectures on ambiguous loss for students and professionals in the fields of psychology and counselling to raise awareness of it, with the aim of having it added to psychology and counselling curricula. The feeling of loss without finality or resolution has been defined as “ambiguous loss”, and research by Dr Pauline Boss, a US-based professor of Family Social Sciences, led to defining this theory as it is known today.

We have conducted these lectures at the University of Colombo, University of Jaffna, Eastern University, and Shanthiham Association for Health and Counselling. It is important that professionals, governments and communities understand ambiguous loss to help families of missing people cope while they wait for answers.

During this quarter, the ICRC’s regional director for Asia and the Pacific, Mr Boris Michel, visited Sri Lanka and represented the ICRC at the 7th annual defence seminar organized by the Ministry of Defence in Colombo. It was the first time the ICRC participated in this prestigious global event.

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Newsletter: July to September 2017

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