Sudan: Facts and Figures 2021

Sudan: Facts and Figures 2021

For over a year, the ICRC in Sudan has been increasing its presence and activities in the country, working with people in displacement, refugees, returnees and vulnerable communities in areas affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence, in coordination with different authorities.
Article 20 April 2022 Sudan

The ICRC has increased its prevention work by disseminating and promoting international humanitarian law and human rights law with institutions and armed groups.

With permanent structures in Kassala, Damazin, Al-Fashir, Zalenji, Nyala and Khartoum, covering the East, Central, South and West of the country, the ICRC is working with authorities and communities to address food insecurity, facilitate access to water services in urban and rural areas, improving access to health and physical rehabilitation services, protecting family links and supporting the Sudanese Red Crescent to deliver services to affected communities. 

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phone calls were made to reconnect separated families.
people received seeds, tools, and food.
people benefited from emergency medical supplies donated by the ICRC.
people benefited from the construction, upgrading, and repairing of water systems.
Red Cross Messages were exchanged to reconnect families.