Syrian Women: Turning Challenges into Opportunities.

  • Najah from Idlib
    Najah from Idlib
    After years of displacement due to the conflict, Najah returned to her beloved town of Khan Sheikon in Idlib. Determined to re-establish her place in the community as an expert in fashion design. She started a workshop and opened the door to teach this craft to other women. Najah transferred her knowledge to other ten women helping them not only to generate income, but also a sense of independence and purpose.
    Idlib/Sana Tarabishi/ICRC
  • Nadwa from Hassakeh
    Nadwa from Hassakeh
    Nadwa is a businesswoman; she started to think out of the box immediately after opening her mini market in Hassakeh. She dreams of expanding her business, selling more items to fit the demands of her community, all in aim of supporting her children and providing the proper education for them.
    Hassakeh/Diman Ameen/ICRC
  • Najwa from Rural Damascus
    Najwa from Rural Damascus
    Najwa from Marj Al-Sultan in Rural Damascus explored her area and noticed the lack of spices shops, so she took the lead and became the first spices shop owner. She’s now selling a variety of herbs and spices, like the Damascene rose showed in her photo, in her village and the surrounding villages. Najwa, is working on expanding her business to cover more areas.
    Rural Damascus/Ayham AlHallak/ICRC
  • Hadiya from Quneitra
    Hadiya from Quneitra
    Hadiya from Quneitra continued her husband's journey in caring for her family after his death. She faced the challenges and began producing honey and beeswax, which generated income to support her three children with dignity.
    Quneitra/Ayham AlHallak/ICRC
08 March 2024

Over the past thirteen years of conflict, Syrian women's lives were characterized by hardship, displacement, loss, and pain. Amidst the devastation, these remarkably resourceful women defied the odds, setting magnificent examples for the next generation of girls and women in their country, paving the way in front of the dreamers and letting everyone know that with hope, anything is possible, and from challenges, opportunities are born.

In celebration of International Women's Day 2024, the ICRC profiled four Syrian women who have managed to forge successful enterprises in challenging environment, often while juggling the needs of their families.
Supported by the ICRC, these profiles celebrate the audacity of hope and determination to thrive and be a source of inspiration.