Tajikistan: Activities highlights, 2016

In Tajikistan, the ICRC is helping people affected by the past civil conflict in partnership with the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan. Here are our main activities in 2016:

  • 314 families of the missing (530 beneficiaries) from Sughd province, Rasht Valley, Dushanbe region participated in the ICRC psychosocial accompaniment programme.

  • 197 families of mine victims were assisted.

  • An ICRC grant helped these families increase their monthly income by 14%.

  • 75 families from Tajikistan visited their detained relatives who are women, youth, and life-sentenced detainees thanks to ICRC support.

  • The ICRC in Tajikistan collected 330 tracing requests.

  • 85 tracing requests were collected by the RCST – many of them for tracing abroad. 45 replies regarding those, including 7 positive answers were received.

  • 2,743 people, from which 1,439 are children, received limb-lifting and physical rehabilitation services at the State Orthopedic Plants (SEOP) of Dushanbe.

  • 3 emergency room trauma courses for 53 doctors from various ministries and agencies were provided. 27 surgeons – practitioners participated in the weapon wounds surgery seminar.