Thousands are still missing, thousands are still missing them

The Lebanese Civil War may have ended but for the families still waiting for news on the fate of their missing loved ones, the war isn't over yet. Thousands of people from different backgrounds went missing during the 15-year-long war and, until today, their relatives have no information of their whereabouts or fate.

Since 2012, the ICRC has actively supported the Lebanese authorities in fulfilling their responsibility to clarify the fate of missing persons. The organization has been interviewing families to gather crucial and detailed information about their missing loved ones and collecting biological reference samples from their close relatives for future DNA analysis and identification efforts. This November, the Lebanese parliament finally voted on passing the Law on the Missing, a step in the right direction to provide answers to the families, many of whom have been waiting for more than 40 years.

Thousands are still missing, thousands more are still missing them. They have waited long enough.