Ukraine: In 2017, ICRC helped thousands of people affected by Donbas conflict

12 February 2018
Ukraine: In 2017, ICRC helped thousands of people affected by Donbas conflict
Assisting people in eastern Ukraine. CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC/ A. Vlasova

In 2017, the ICRC continued to help the most vulnerable people affected by the conflict, residing along the contact line in Donbas.

We provided food, water, hygiene products and other basic household items, maintained the heating/cooling points and provided the first aid modules for the checkpoints, distributed thousands of tons of coal, heating briquettes and insulation materials. Our teams restored houses and essential civilian infrastructure, supported small business initiatives, delivered construction materials to health care and education institutions. The ICRC consultants provided psychosocial support sessions for the people traumatized by the conflict and ensured necessary medical supplies at health care facilities.

Highlights of our work in Ukraine

 530,000 people visited the Red Cross heating/cooling points on both sides of the bridge at Stanytsia Luhanska, and were assisted by 23 Red Cross volunteers.
 306 conflict-related detainees were released and transferred with the participation of the ICRC.
86,000 people received over 375,000 food parcels (17 kg each).
 145 health care facilities benefited from donations of various medical items and medicines.
 59 schools and kindergartens on both sides of the contact line were supported with construction materials for rehabilitation and improving security measures.
 209 families opened tracing requests as they search for family members with whom they lost contact as a result of the conflict.
 11,000 metric tons of humanitarian aid, including 329 tons of health care aid, were delivered to people on both sides of the contact line.
 10,600 people residing along the contact line participated in 248 mine risk education sessions.
 27 morgues and investigative and criminalistic national police in Donbas were supported with technical equipment.
 350 Ukrainian armed forces personnel took part in 15 seminars focusing on applying IHL in combat operations.


For more details, see the full update on our work in Ukraine.

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