Unexploded ordnance: Awareness campaign makes a difference

The threat posed by unexploded ordnance (UXO) remains largely unacknowledged due to a lack of awareness and sensitization. To counter this and ensure safety of the population, the ICRC supports Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) to regularly conduct risk awareness sessions. People are sensitized about the threat of unexploded ordnance during these sessions, as a result of which a few community members now actively volunteer to spread awareness about it.

In Muhammad Idrees's house in Rashakai, Bajaur Agency, a mortar shell was found embedded in the roof. He brought this to the attention of the Community Based Risk Education team during an awareness session, who alerted the Frontier Corps, leading to safe disposal of the unexploded ordnance. Thereon, Masood Khan has been sensitizing those around him about it, and also help community members to connect with local authorities for removal of any possible unexploded ordnance.