Venezuela: helping communities affected by armed violence

Venezuela: helping communities affected by armed violence

Article 30 July 2021

During the second quarter of 2021, the International Committee of the Red Cross in Venezuela continued to focus its efforts on providing a humanitarian response tailored to addressing the most urgent needs of those affected by armed violence. In response to armed clashes in La Victoria in the state of Apure, for example, the ICRC increased the provision of medical supplies to the local medical centre it has been providing regular support to for over a year. The medical supplies provided for those injured in the clashes included 21 hygiene kits, antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, dressings for treating wounds and traumas, and PPE.

Between April and June of this year, the ICRC and the Venezuelan Red Cross continued their efforts to halt COVID-19 by providing 11,000 prevention kits with face masks and antibacterial sanitizers to the most vulnerable communities in places particularly affected by poverty and violence in Miranda State, Caracas, including the Cota 905 and Petare slums, and the most crowded Caracas Metro stations. The Venezuelan Red Cross Society provided volunteers to help with the National Vaccination Plan run by the Venezuelan authorities, with the logistical support of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

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Here is some of what we achieved in Venezuela between April and June 2021:

51 tonnes
of medical supplies were provided
12 hospitals and 11 outpatient clinics
received support in the states of Miranda, Táchira, Bolívar, Apure and Zulia
4,223 people
received 200,611 meals at 11 ICRC-supported community kitchens
4,994 connectivity-related services
(calls, Wi-Fi connections, battery charging) were provided and 10,122 people received advice on contacting their families
6,342 persons deprived of liberty
received assistance in 8 prisons
135 forensic experts and first responders
received training in how to manage and identify dead bodies and to care for their families
3 Venezuelan Red Cross branches
received financial support (including food, water and fuel) during the course of the National Vaccination Plan to support health authorities