War in cities: Addressing the humanitarian challenges

14 December 2016

On 1 December 2016, the ICRC officially launched the new Conference Cycle on "War in Cities". On the occasion of the Universal Meeting of the IHL National Committees, the launch gathered an international panel of experts at the CICG in Geneva to discuss ways in which national authorities and key humanitarian actors can encourage and reinforce the respect for international humanitarian law (IHL) in urban armed conflicts.


  • Vincent Bernard, Head of the Law and Policy Forum and Editor in Chief of the International Review of the Red Cross, ICRC


  • Helen Durham, Director of International Law and Policy, ICRC


  • Valérie Petitpierre, Operations Coordinator for the Near and Middle East, ICRC
  • Eric Jensen, Associate Professor of Law, Brigham Young University
  • Robin Geiss, Professor of International Law and Security, University of Glasgow