Yemen: Dr Al-Mohatary's experience with the ICRC

26 June 2014

Dr Al-Murtaza Bin Zaid Al-Mohatary Al-Hasny talks about IHL and Islam from a Zaidiyya perspective.

In many countries around the Arab world, the ICRC emblem is misunderstood, and seen as a symbol of Christianity. In Yemen, where the ICRC has been working since 1962 to alleviate the suffering of all those caught in conflict and violence, the use of the protective emblem of the Red Cross often raises questions from people, who ask us why we use a cross in a Muslim country, and what we do.

The series "My experience with the ICRC in Yemen" reflects a range of Muslim traditions, giving us the views of Islamic scholars in Yemen on the question of international humanitarian law and Islam, and the emblem of the International Committee of the Red Cross. This interview with Dr Al-Murtaza Bin Zaid Al-Mohatary Al-Hasny of the Zaidiyya School follows on from the interview with Sheikh Salahof the Salafi School.

 The opinions expressed by Dr Mohatary do not necessarily represent those of the ICRC.