Yemen: ICRC opens surgical hospital amidst fighting in Aden

19 June 2015
Yemen: ICRC opens surgical hospital amidst fighting in Aden

Sana'a (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has opened a surgical hospital in the Yemeni city of Aden, as the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate. Aden has seen some of the bloodiest fighting during the recent conflict and health facilities have suffered through lack of medicines, water and electricity.

"After 80 days of fighting, the medical needs are only growing. The dead and wounded continue to be brought to the hospitals. Aden is one of the worst-hit areas," said the head of the ICRC Delegation in Yemen, Antoine Grand. "Having an equipped and functional hospital will help us provide the treatment that is needed. Through our direct contact with the parties to the conflict, we are also continuing to help negotiate local ceasefires for evacuating the wounded or dead whenever possible," said Mr Grand.

The 36-bed hospital in the Al-Mansoura district of Aden, which was provided by the Ministry of Public Health, is staffed by an ICRC specialist surgical team and local health workers. The hospital treats war wounded patients or those in need of post-operative care. Since the recent violence, the ICRC has provided support to more than 60 health facilities across the country, on different sides of the front lines. An ICRC surgical team first arrived in Aden in April.

"We urge all parties to meet their obligations under international humanitarian law. They must, as a matter of priority, ensure that all patients, regardless of their background, have access to health care, and that medical staff and health facilities are protected at all times," said Mr Grand.

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