Zimbabwe: Maintaining dignity for thousands of prisoners in 2016

The Harare Regional Delegation values working relationships with various stakeholders such as National Red Cross Societies and national authorities in assisting people in need of humanitarian assistance.

In 2016, the delegation provided complementary food supply to prison inmates and non-food items. The delegation also assisted in reconnecting children with their families. 

Highlights of our work in Zimbabwe in 2016.

  18,000 inmates benefitted from non-food items such as blankets and fabric for uniforms
  18,000 inmates received complementary food supply including groundnuts and sugar beans
  3,816 moderately malnourished received complentary feeding using corn soya blend porridge
  125 children were reconnected with their families 
  Trained over 2,000 members of armed and security forces on IHL 


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Zimbabwe Facts and Figures 2016

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