18 October 2015 15:00

2015 Advanced Seminar in International Humanitarian Law for University Lecturers

About the event

The 11th edition of the seminar, organized by the ICRC and the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, aimed to help lecturers teach and research contemporary IHL issues more effectively. It took place at the Humanitarium, from Monday, 19 October to Friday, 23 October 2015.


Seminar topics: Contemporary challenges to IHL and teaching methodologies

The seminar addressed recent debates on specific IHL issues through workshops, debates, case studies, visits to places of scholarly interest and explore the use of various tools dedicated to IHL teaching.

Sessions focused on IHL teaching methodologies and on recent substantive challenges, such as: the scope of application of the law in armed conflicts; multinational operations; developments in the interaction between IHL and international human rights law; the use of explosive weapons in populated areas; cyber-warfare; and developments in IHL implementation; among others. A panel conference on questions related to 'Generating respect for the law' took place on Thursday evening. Participants also got to visit IHL libraries and academic institutions in Geneva.

Format: co-chaired interactive sessions offering different perspectives

Lectures were given by leading academics from Geneva and beyond, ICRC legal advisers and various experts. Side events gave participants opportunities for informal discussions with senior ICRC staff. Participants can keep in touch after the seminar, for academic purposes, through the LinkedIN Network of IHL Professors



Date & Time

18 October 2015 15:00

Venue address

19 avenue de la paix, 1202 Geneva