Internal Displacement in Armed Conflicts

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Displacement is one of the dramatic features of armed conflicts today. As the world becomes more urbanized, people are increasingly displaced between or within cities, sometimes for prolonged period of times. Many people have been displaced for long periods of time or forced to move multiple times over. Many have been separated from their families or go missing and live precariously. It is therefore crucial to explore the role that cities play in mitigating or multiplying the risks that displaced populations face, and to critically examine the design of the humanitarian response to those displaced in cities.

Through this breakfast event, the panelists discussed the findings from two recent ICRC studies relating to the challenges raised by displacement in times of armed conflict in urban areas, as well as analyzing the main issues faced by the humanitarian communities in the region.

Study - Displacement in times of armed conflict: How international humanitarian law protects in war, and why it matters

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Study - Displaced in Cities : Experiencing and Responding to Urban Internal Displacement Outside Camps

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Cédric Cotter, Law and Policy Researcher, ICRC

Angela Cotroneo, Global Adviser on Internal Displacement, ICRC


Laurent Saugy, Protection Coordinator, ICRC


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Landmark Hotel

Al Shareef Hussein St, Amman, Jordan