Missing migrants and their families: Journeys of uncertainty

17 May 2018 18:30 - 20:00
Missing migrants and their families: Journeys of uncertainty

Baja California, Tijuana. Photographs of missing persons on the wall of a soup kitchen that provides free breakfast to migrants repatriated. ©ICRC/J. CORNEJO

On 17 May, the ICRC will convene a panel discussion at the Humanitarium to discuss humanitarian issues around missing migrants and their families: What are their needs? What are the challenges? How to address these issues? The panel comprises a variety of actors from governments, International Organization for Migration and International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.


The event forms part of the 2018 Global Research and Debate Cycle on Migration and Displacement.


Every day around the world, an alarming number of migrants go missing. Addressing the needs of missing migrants and their families is a global challenge, which requires concerted action at transnational level. The discussion will explore how to minimize the risk of migrants going missing, how to support families searching for their missing relatives, and how to treat the dead and their families with dignity. It builds on the ICRC's Missing migrants policy paper, which outlines 13 key recommendations that can help States prevent migrants from going missing, search for them and support families throughout the process, based on the long-standing work of the ICRC on behalf of missing persons and their families.



  • Filipa Schmitz Guinote, Policy Advisor, ICRC


  • Kate Dearden, IOM Project Coordinator for the Missing Migrants Project
  • Gwenaelle Fontana, Global Advisor on Migration Issues, ICRC
  • Ester Dross, Swiss Red Cross volunteer