IHL and Islamic Law

The interplay between international humanitarian law (IHL) and Islamic law of war

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, students and Islamic scholars discuss Islam and international humanitarian law, sharing insights and experiences.

Islamic law of war

In our engagement with communities affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence, the ICRC enters into dialogue with all religions and legal traditions in order to universalize international humanitarian law (IHL) and find common principles that help in protecting and assisting victims of armed conflict. Islamic law is one of the oldest legal systems in existence, and it has developed detailed rules to regulate the use of force during war. 

IHL and the Islamic law of armed conflict have the same underlying objectives. Therefore, addressing the operational and legal challenges the ICRC faces on the ground in Muslim contexts from the perspective of both IHL and Islamic law is important in order to enhance respect for IHL and alleviate the suffering of victims of armed conflicts in Muslim countries.