People flee their neighbourhoods amid clashes between the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese Armed Forces in Khartoum on April 19, 2023 / Photo AFP

Information for people affected by the conflict in Sudan

We understand that your current situation is incredibly dangerous and distressing for you and your loved ones. You are not alone. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) are doing their best to help you.
Article 15 May 2023 Sudan

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This page will be updated frequently as the situation evolves. Latest update: 15 May 2023

Please remember that all services provided by humanitarian organizations are free of charge.

How can the ICRC help me?

Right now, the ICRC is focused on providing medical supplies to hospitals and helping people reconnect with their family members.

We are doing our best to continue providing humanitarian services as soon as the security situation allows.

We work in cooperation with the Sudanese Red Crescent and neighboring Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The Sudanese Red Crescent is also supporting the recovery of the deceased and distributing aid to displaced people.

How can I contact the Red Cross or the Red Crescent?

Due to the challenging security conditions in Sudan the ICRC is currently unable to answer the phone of our offices inside the country. We will make this information available as soon as the situation changes.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please rest assured that we are doing our best to improve our capacity to hear from you.

In neighboring countries, many of the following contact numbers are working at a limited capacity.

If you are outside of Sudan:

In Chad:

Contact The Red Cross of Chad via +235 22 52 34 34 OR +235 66 20 25 93 OR +235 66 29 88 82

In Ethiopia:

Contact the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Ethiopia: 9167 (toll free number) or +251 116 478 300. You can also contact the Ethiopian Red Cross via +251 115 159 074 OR +251 115 180 181.

In Egypt:

Contact the Egyptian Red Crescent via +20 225 985 555 OR +20 226 703 979 OR +20 226 703 981 OR +20 226 703 983.

If you are near Arqin or Qastal border points in Egypt, contact the Egyptian Red Crescent via 15322. You can also send a WhatsApp message to +20 115 207 2077.

In South Sudan:

Contact the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in South Sudan via +211 912 170 275 OR +211 927 062 595 OR +211 912 360 041 OR +211 912 359 997 OR send an email to You can also contact the South Sudan Red Cross via +211 921 626 717 OR +211 914 959 544 OR +211 912 666 836.

Can you help me find a family member?

If you have lost contact with a family member during the conflict in Sudan, contact us from the country you are currently located.

If you are inside Sudan: Call the ICRC Restoring Family Link Helpline number at +249 900 907 832. Our working hours are Sunday to Thursday from 08:30 to 15:30, Sudan Local time. You can also send an email to

For affected people outside Sudan:

If you are in Egypt, you can contact the ICRC on +20 22 528 1548 , +20 22 528 1540 or by email via . You can also contact the Egyptian Red Crescent on +20 11 445 560 02 or send an email to

If you are in Ethiopia, you can contact the ICRC on +251 943 122 207 or by email via You can also contact the Ethiopian Red Cross on +251 912 348 367 , +251 935 519 391 or send an email to or

If you are in Chad, you can contact the ICRC on +235 22 520 316 or by email via You can also contact the Chadian Red Cross on +235 63 44 40 64 or by email on

If you are in South Sudan, you can contact the ICRC on +211 928016027 , +211 912180112 or by email via . You can also contact the South Sudan Red Cross on +211 91 499 2755 , +211 92 282 1552 or by email to

If you are in Central African Republic, you can contact the ICRC on +236 75 631 110 , + 236 72730288 or by email via

If you are experiencing difficulties reaching us due to busy phone lines, we apologize for the inconvenience. We understand that this can be frustrating, and we appreciate your patience as we work to assist as many people as possible.

Why is it taking you so long to find my family member?

Our teams are working under very limited capacities due to the difficult security situation in Sudan. Please note that we are committed to helping you find your missing loved one as soon as the security conditions allow.

 Can you help me leave or evacuate someone from Sudan?

We cannot help individuals or groups in leaving the country. Nor can we provide any support or money to transport people to the border of Sudan or to other countries. 

We are aware of the fear and uncertainty you might be feeling in this difficult situation. We hope you can stay safe until the situation improves.

Can you help me evacuate from my home to a safer place in Sudan?

Due to the ongoing hostilities, we cannot support or organize the evacuation of individuals, families, or groups within Sudan. For the moment, we can only advice you to take shelter or seek safe routes from the area. 

As soon as the situation allows, the ICRC and the Sudanese Red Crescent will evaluate its capacity and security to support evacuations inside the country.

Is the ICRC staying in Sudan?

Yes. We have been working in the country for decades and that will not stop now. Our team has been present in Khartoum despite the security situation.

We have temporarily relocated some of our staff within Sudan. Most of our colleagues in the country are Sudanese and are also living under very difficult conditions. 

We are urgently looking for ways to deploy additional personnel to provide emergency response in Khartoum and other regions of Sudan affected by fighting.

What can I do when there is shelling?

If there is shelling, find lower ground to hide. Stay as far as possible from windows.

Lie down, wrap your arms around your head, and cover your ears.

Open your mouth to avoid internal injuries, it can reduce the impact of explosive waves on your body.

Wait until the shooting is over before you move to a safer shelter.

If you find strange metallic objects such as bullets and shells, please keep your distance and do not touch them. They can cause injury or even kill.