Central African Republic

In the Central African Republic, the ICRC helps people affected by conflict and violence. We provide aid, run livelihood-support projects and repair water and sanitation systems. We visit detainees, restore contact between relatives separated by conflict and promote international humanitarian law.

In numbers

Between November 2015 and January 2016:

  • 250
    operations and 1,500 consultations took place at Bangui community hospital
  • 10,000
    consultations were carried out in Kaga Bandoro, including 1,000 antenatal check-ups
  • 50
    victims of sexual violence in Kaga Bandoro received psychosocial support
  • 1,900
    people with malaria received treatment in Birao
  • 100
    people separated from their families by the conflict were able to speak to their loved ones by phone
  • 3
    people were reunited with their families after having become separated from them by the conflict
  • 63,000
    people received water every day
  • 7,500
    malnourished children received food in Kaga Bandoro
  • 27,000
    displaced persons received food
  • 145
    people were briefed on the need to protect medical facilities and personnel
  • 30
    trainee officers of the Central African armed forces and 45 members of armed groups were familiarized with the basic principles of international humanitarian law
  • 500
    detainees received ICRC visits, with 400 of them also receiving hygiene items

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