Central African Republic

In the Central African Republic, the ICRC helps people affected by conflict and violence. We provide aid, run livelihood-support projects and repair water and sanitation systems. We visit detainees, restore contact between relatives separated by conflict and promote international humanitarian law.

Latest Update
In numbers

In 2018 :

  • 14,055
    people were trained in IHL, including weapon-bearers, members of parliament and civilians
  • 11,800
    people were treated for injuries
  • 353
    people participated in physical rehabilitation programmes
  • 975
    people who had suffered violence, including sexual violence, received psychological support
  • 90,900
    people received primary health care
  • 14,580
    people received nutritional care
  • 173,590
    animals were vaccinated
  • 84,850
    people benefited from agricultural support
  • 51,100
    people received essential household items
  • 61,800
    people received food
  • 3,470
    people received first-aid training
  • 837
    volunteers from the National Society were trained as first-aid workers
  • 650,000
    people have an improved access to safe drinking water
  • 1,900
    people had their homes rebuilt
  • 1,596
    detainees were visited in places of detention
  • 132
    people were trained in the proper management of human remains
  • 27
    people were reunited with their families
  • 614
    people exchanged Red Cross messages

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