Central African Republic

performed over 200 operations at Bangui community hospital
conducted 940 emergency medical consultations at Bangui community hospital, and admitted 480 people to Bangui and Kaga Bandoro hospitals
carried out 680 prenatal consultations in health centres in Dissikou and Ouandago
treated 920 malaria patients in Birao and trained 30 motorcycle taxi drivers to perform life-saving first aid
distributed vegetable and crop seed and farming tools to 10,000 families returning home and over 300 resident families in the prefectures of Ouham, Ouaka and Nana-Grébizi
provided half-monthly food rations to over 2,500 displaced people travelling between Bambari and Ippy, in Ouaka prefecture
delivered clean water to over 15,000 displaced people living in a makeshift camp at Bangui-Mpoko airport, and secured the daily drinking water supply for 10,000 local residents
ensured a daily drinking water supply for 10,000 displaced people and the hospital in Ndélé, Bambari university hospital and 18,000 displaced people in Kaga Bandoro
taught 150 members of the Central African armed forces about the fundamentals of international humanitarian law

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