In Mali, the ICRC visits detainees, puts people back in touch with loved ones with whom they’ve lost contact because of the conflict, treats people that have been wounded or injured by the fighting, distributes seed and tools to farmers, vaccinates livestock, rebuilds and reconnects water-supply systems, and raises awareness of international humanitarian law.
For many of these activities, we work closely with the Mali Red Cross.

Latest Update
In numbers

During 2019:

  • 95,359
    people received primary health care.
  • 95,500
    people gained improved access to water.
  • 3,697
    detainees visited in 19 detention centres.
  • 2,934
    people, including armed carriers, members of judicial branch and journalists, sensitized on IHL.
  • 24,660
    vulnerable families received a financial assistance to improve their incomes.
  • 3,251,333
    animals vaccinated during the 2018–2019 immunization campaign.
  • 59,094
    farmers received a support to boost their production.
  • 10,375
    people with disabilities received medical care thanks to physical rehabilitation program.