South Sudan
in focus

The ICRC helps conflict-affected communities in South Sudan become self-sufficient and reunites families. We visit places of detention, support health care facilities, and promote respect for international humanitarian law.

In numbers

2017 Facts & Figures

  • 558,000
    people received food rations equivalent to more than 7,300 metric tons
  • 258,000
    people received essential household kits including blankets, buckets, soap, & mosquito nets
  • 1,000,000
    heads of livestock were vaccinated, benefiting over 882,000 people
  • 242,000
    people now have improved access to safe drinking water
  • 84,000
    people received outpatient consultations
  • 511,000
    people received staple crops, vegetable seeds and tools for farming
  • 5,053
    detainees were visited to assess their living conditions
  • 66,000
    phone calls were facilitated between family members separated by conflict
  • 4,300
    surgical interventions were performed on patients

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