The ICRC delegation for Mexico, Central America helps migrants and the families of missing persons, monitors detainee welfare, backs efforts to prevent violence among youth, supports Red Cross Societies and promotes IHL and international human rights law.

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Our action in 2021

  • 4605 migrants
    were visited in 15 immigration detention centres. We observed the living conditions and made recommendations to the authorities.
  • 23 022 telephone calls
    in assistance points run by civil society shelter organizations and the Mexican Red Cross helped migrants stay in contact with their loved ones and reduced the risk of them going missing along their migration route
  • 65 857 migrants
    were beneficiaries of infrastructure and technical capacity-building projects carried out in 21 shelters.
  • 1680 relatives
    of missing persons received ICRC support and advice whether as members of working groups with the authorities, in training workshops, at events and during the search for their loved ones, whether alive or dead.
  • 1299 relatives
    of missing persons received psychological and psychosocial via associations, civil society organizations and public mental health services supported by the ICRC
  • 600 people
    benefited through projects to improve infrastructure and create safe community spaces in Ebanito (Matamoros), Tamaulipas and Colonia Zapata (Acapulco)

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