The international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine is fueling a devastating humanitarian crisis that is affecting the lives of millions of people. We have worked in Ukraine since 2014 and since 24 February 2022, we have massively scaled up our response to meet the rising needs.

We have over 800 staff working in 8 locations across Ukraine to deliver relief items to displaced people, provide medicines and supplies to health care facilities, restore water supply for millions of people, and other lifesaving activities.


Humanitarian crisis in Ukraine


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In numbers

Our action in 2023

  • 350,000+
    vulnerable people received a total of UAH 2.7 billion (CHF 69 million) in cash assistance to help them meet their day-to-day needs, provide for their families and rebuild their lives.
  • 320,000+
    vulnerable people living in conflict-affected areas received food parcels to ensure minimum food security.
  • 10,500+
    detainees and prisoners of war benefited from improved detention conditions.
  • 10,300+
    families affected by active hostilities regained access to adequate housing through the provision of construction materials or cash assistance.
  • 153,000+
    marking materials were donated to emergency first responders and the Armed Forces of Ukraine to ensure that areas contaminated with unexploded ordnance are correctly labelled and that communities are informed of the hazards.
  • 240,000+
    food parcels were provided to hospitals, academic facilities and other social institutions to ensure patients, students and other community members receive meals.
  • 3,947
    families of missing people were provided with an answer on the status of their loved ones.