In Ukraine, the ICRC is helping people affected by the conflict and is supporting the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Latest Update
In numbers

In 2019:

  • 850,000
    were supplied with water due to infrastructure rehabilitation and materials provided to waterboards.
  • 67
    primary health care facilities received essential medical supplies.
  • 120,000
    people received food and hygiene parcels, regular cash assistance, support for their agricultural and livestock activities or grants for starting their microeconomic activities.
  • 756,000
    people who crossed the line of contact received various assistance at heating/cooling points and a medical point operated by Red Cross volunteers.
  • 7,000
    children and teachers in 52 educational institutions benefited from the rehabilitation of facilities and improved security measures.
  • 15,000
    teachers and children benefited from the installation of protective sandwich panels and anti-blast film on windows and improvement of facilities of 77 schools and kindergartens.
  • 14,000
    detainees in 12 detention facilities benefited from the improvement of heating, sanitation and other utility systems.
  • 756
    families registered with the ICRC are still looking for their missing relatives. 110 new cases of persons unaccounted for were registered, while 101 cases registered with the ICRC were closed.
  • 30,000
    adults and children improved their knowledge of mine/UXO risks during 1,100 sessions, including those conducted by the Red Cross volunteers.
  • 19,000
    patients in the conflict zone were assisted by four Ukrainian Red Cross mobile clinics, with support from the Austrian Red Cross and the ICRC.