In Ukraine, the ICRC is helping people affected by the conflict and is supporting the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Latest Update
In numbers

In 2020:

  • 864,000
    were supplied with water due to infrastructure rehabilitation and materials provided to waterboards.
  • 40
    hospitals were supplied with surgical consumables, oxygen concentrators, PPE, screening tents, including within the COVID-19 response.
  • 53,000
    people were assisted with food and hygienic items, including within the ICRC COVID-19 response.
  • 232,000
    people were assisted by ICRC or Red Cross volunteers with tea/sugar/water while crossing the contact line.
  • 2,200
    children benefited from repair works or donation of construction materials to 21 educational facilities.
  • 22,000
    children and students benefited from donation of PPE, sanitation and disinfection items as part of the ICRC COVID-19 response.
  • 88,000
    detainees benefited from donation of disinfection kits as well as construction materials, including within the ICRC COVID-19 response.
  • 801
    families registered with the ICRC are still looking for their missing relatives.
  • 18,000
    people improved their knowledge of mine/UXO risk following mine-risk sessions.
  • 680
    elderly persons living alone, including individuals with disabilities, were assisted by 117 Red Cross home-visiting nurses.