The ICRC has been working in Mexico for over 20 years to protect people affected by violence and prevent and mitigate the humanitarian consequences they face.

For more than two decades, the ICRC has been in Mexico, safeguarding those impacted by violence.

Our work in Mexico

The ICRC’s humanitarian action in Mexico seeks to protect the lives and dignity of people affected by armed violence. We support the families of missing people in their search for their loved ones, help separated families get back in touch and share self-care information with migrants to prevent and reduce the risks they face on migration routes. We promote the dignified treatment of the dead, ensure that communities have access to essential services and promote the protection of health-care personnel and services. We also promote an environment of respect for human life and dignity by spreading knowledge of international human rights law and international humanitarian law.

To deliver its humanitarian response, the ICRC works with the Mexican Red Cross, the authorities and other humanitarian organizations, always listening to the people who suffer the humanitarian consequences of violence to understand their needs and concerns.

The ICRC’s work is guided by the Fundamental Principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence.

Other regions we support: The regional delegation for Mexico and Central America carries out humanitarian activities in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica and Belize in collaboration with its partners in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The impact of our work


phone calls provided at assistance points operated by the Mexican Red Cross and at shelters helped migrants stay in touch with their loved ones.


relatives of missing people received ICRC support, advice on their rights and guidance on search processes.


migrants received self-care messages and information on how to access humanitarian services.

The stories of the people we help

In Mexico, we’re suffering a missing persons crisis ... we are the families that are there day in, day out, trying to get answers from government institutions. Unfortunately, many of the families starting their search don’t have the support or guidance they need to even file a missing persons report. So, it’s very important that we are taken seriously and join forces because our own experiences can make a valuable contribution.

Verónica Rosas who is searching for her son Diego

This is very important for us … because the bodies of sons and daughters of fellow searchers have been recovered … and it’s very important for us to know that they will be treated in a dignified manner, even if it is only their remains, and taken to a place where DNA samples can be taken and compared to the samples they already have from us, the relatives. The hope that there might be a match to one of us brings some peace to our hearts.

Rosa Angélica who is looking for her son Jaime César Álvarez and attended the exhumations in Saltillo as an observer

Migrants feel a little safer when they see us on the migration route. Knowing that there is an ambulance on the route they are taking that can help them, if need be, is very important for us and for them. We are there to give them any care they might need so that they arrive at their next destination in good health.

Alejandro Lara Mexican Red Cross/ICRC migrant assistance programme

Our services in Mexico

  • We share practical information with migrants in an effort to help them avoid and reduce the risks they face when they are on the move and to facilitate their access to humanitarian services, such as shelters, soup kitchens and health care. We do this through various channels: WhatsApp (+521 55 80 12 90 55), the RedSafe digital platform, Facebook and our webpage.

  • We provide people looking for a missing loved one with basic information to guide and support them in their search and advise them about their rights.

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Our work with the Mexican Red Cross

The ICRC works in coordination with the Mexican Red Cross to deliver humanitarian assistance to those in need, including Restoring Family Links services and support for migrants. Together, we promote respect for humanitarian and health-care workers and measures to ensure their safety.