In Egypt, the ICRC promotes respect for international humanitarian law in the member countries of the League of Arab States. The delegation has also worked with the Egyptian Red Crescent to help people uprooted by the Libya conflict and provided first aid to people injured in violence within Egypt.

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In numbers

In 2019

  • 10,000
    families (50,000 individuals) in North Sinai received food parcels, white flour and hygiene kits, while 4,000 families (20,000 individuals) family received blankets, in cooperation with the Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC).
  • 1000
    vulnerable migrant unaccompanied children received food and hygiene items every month, which helped them to cover some of their basic needs. The distributions were implemented in cooperation with a partner organization.
  • 3,357
    Egyptian Army officers, cadets and soldiers were introduced to the international humanitarian law (IHL) through 20 dissemination sessions and training courses covering all army regional commands.
  • 305
    The families could learn about the whereabouts or fate of their missing members, in many instances with the support of the Red Cross and Red Crescent family links network.
  • 4,782
    phone calls were facilitated to help migrant community members in Egypt to maintain contact with their loved ones abroad.
  • 10,029
    visits for inquiries and services were received at the ICRC restoring family links department Tracing requests for 724 persons were opened by families living in Egypt.
  • 66
    doctors and nurses from the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense increased their knowledge and skills in the systemic approach of managing trauma cases in the emergency rooms.