Israel and the occupied territories

people in the Gaza Strip benefited from the rehabilitation of 34 bore wells and the upgrade of a water booster station.
patients were transferred by the PRCS across the occupied Palestinian territory, thanks to ICRC’s financial support.
detainees held by the Israeli and by Palestinian authorities benefited from ICRC visits to monitor their treatment and living conditions, and specific recommendations were acted upon by the detaining authorities.
farmers living in the border area of Gaza were able to harvest 100-300m from the security fence for the first time in 7 years, thanks to the ICRC’s protective presence and coordination with the parties to the conflict.
people with disabilities in the Gaza Strip benefited from physical rehabilitation services at the Artificial Limb Polio Center (ALPC), with material and technical support from the Norwegian Red Cross and the ICRC
Palestinian detainees in Israel received visits from their relatives from East Jerusalem, Golan Heights, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip through the ICRC family visits programme.
households (4,328 people) benefited from livelihood support in the Gaza Strip (seeds/fertilizer, tools, irrigation infrastructure).
people with disabilities accessed services in Gaza, assisted through the provision of technical support and materials.
students, 30 teachers and 5,252 individuals living in weapon-contaminated areas in Gaza benefited from Explosive Remnants of War-awareness training programmes.

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