Israel and the occupied territories

detainees held by the Israeli (14,793) and Palestinian (4,084) authorities received ICRC visits during which we monitored their treatment and living conditions
detainees held by Israel received visits from their relatives living in the occupied territories (Gaza, West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights)
people had improved access to water, by providing support to repair 22 kilometres of water networks and a water well (Gaza)
disabled people were provided with physical rehabilitation services, 238 prosthesis were fitted and 975 orthoses provided at the Artificial Limb Polio Centre, supported by the ICRC (Gaza)
hospitals were rehabilitated and 12 hospitals were supplied with spare parts to repair and maintain essential water desalination equipment
farming households could harvest as 730 hectares of damaged agricultural land were re-levelled and the ICRC facilitated the clearing of unexploded devices (Gaza)
households received wheat and pea seeds (an expected harvest of 2,000 metric tonnes) and 1,380 households were assisted with pesticides, agricultural tools or rehabilitation of water infrastructure (Gaza)
people received cash payments to support their crop production and 150 people from vulnerable households benefited from cash-for-work (Gaza)

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