Israel and the occupied territories

In Israel and the occupied territories, the ICRC strives to bring about a difference in people's lives through its activities and programmes. We visit detainees, reunite families, support livelihood projects, and help improve access to the essential services, like water and electricity. Above all, we stand up for people and promote their rights and dignity.

We have been present in Israel and the occupied territories since 1967 and work with the Palestine Red Crescent Society and Magen David Adom in Israel. The ICRC has offices in Tel Aviv, the West Bank and Gaza.



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Our COVID-19 response: March-December 2020

  • 1,500
    Vulnerable families, 150 fishermen, 170 poultry farmers and 200 cash crop farmers benefited from our cash support in Gaza
  • 1.9 million
    People were educated about COVID-19 risks and preventive via ICRC digital platforms, community outreach channels, and radio spots in partnership with Gaza’s ministry of education
  • 40,000
    People were provided guidance on the dignified burial of the dead in partnership with the Ministry of Waqf
  • 211
    Visits were conducted to 26 detention facilities in Israel holding over 95% of all Palestinian detainees, and 28 visits to 16 facilities in the West Bank and Gaza
  • 34,450
    Surgical masks were distributed to detention facilities long with hygiene items, disinfection PPE sets, cleaning materials, additional handwashing points, and 4,900 liters of chlorine
  • 354,000
    Pairs of latex gloves as well as 119,000 surgical masks, 24,000 protective gowns, 59,000 surgical caps, 6,947 face shields and 60 non-contact thermometers, in addition to 1,960 units of hand disinfection solution.
  • 140
    Water facilities were repaired as well as 36 heavy machines and rehabilitation of water and wastewater networks serving 90% of the Gaza Strip population

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