Republic of Moldova

The ICRC established a permanent presence in Moldova when it set up a delegation there in March 2022 to provide humanitarian aid in response to people’s needs arising from the international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

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Our work in Moldova

The ICRC has been active in the Republic of Moldova for almost three decades. However, we established a permanent presence there by setting up a delegation in March 2022 to respond to the humanitarian needs arising from the international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Our delegation focuses on promoting respect for international humanitarian law, reducing protection-related risks resulting from the conflict, in part through psychosocial assistance and training, and providing our restoring family links service. In addition to strengthening our dialogue with the national authorities, we work in cooperation with the Moldova Red Cross Society and other partners in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Our programmes and activities are focused on preparedness and capacity-building for a range of stakeholders, which include government officials, armed and security forces, academia, the media and civil society groups.

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Our work with the Moldova Red Cross Society

The ICRC supports the development of the Moldova Red Cross Society through awareness-raising sessions for volunteers throughout the country. These sessions address the Movement, the Movement’s Fundamental Principles, restoring family links and psychological training.